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Home Blood Pressure Monitoring

Home Blood Pressure Monitoring

To try to protect against Covid-19 infection we are being asked to socially isolate, not only to protect ourselves but also to ensure the NHS can deal with those needing its care and support.

This does not mean we can neglect our health in other aspects, and we are encouraging those with known high blood problems or those suspected to have increased cardiac risk due to high blood pressure that may need treatment, to monitor this at home.

The British Heart Foundation, the country’s national cardiac charity, has excellent information regarding high blood pressure and this can be found by Googling “BHF high blood pressure” or following the link here:

BHF risk factors

To take your blood pressure at home it is important to be relaxed

• While rested, not immediately after exercise or upset, sit down and make yourself comfortable for at least 5 minutes

• Place the blood pressure cuff on the arm, this is usually the left arm but you may have been told to use the right arm due to other health issues. You should use the same arm each time

• Press the button on your machine and allow the blood pressure cuff to inflate and deflate.

Ignore this first reading.

• After a couple of minutes or so, repeat the blood pressure assessment and record this reading

• After a couple of minutes or so repeat the blood pressure assessment a final time and record this reading

• Add the two top (systolic) numbers together and divide by two

• Add the two bottom (diastolic) numbers together and divide by two

• This is your blood pressure, usually discussed as “systolic number over diastolic number”

Obtaining a Home Blood Pressure Machines

You will need to purchase your own BP machine, but these can be found for as little as £20.

Before you buy from any source check with the British Hypertensive society website to ensure that it is an acceptable device either by Googling “BIHS blood pressure monitors” or following the link here:

BIHS blood pressure monitors

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